What we do

People analytics involves the collection and transformation of HR  and organizational data into actionable insights that enhance the business operations. Utilizing people analytics tools, data is consolidated from various business sources into a unified platform, presenting information through intuitive charts, graphs, and queries. In today’s business landscape, people analytics is indispensable for every organization, recognizing that people are at the core of the business, driving product creation, service delivery, customer satisfaction, and problem-solving.

This strategic approach provides the information necessary for making data-driven decisions that profoundly impact the organization’s most critical areas: its people and the bottom line. With people analytics, leaders gain access to insights enabling them to support their instincts with concrete facts and implement data-driven strategies, ultimately contributing to the growth of the organization.

We at New TridentPeak integrate your HR and business data to provide actionable insights that significantly influence business outcomes.

Descriptive analytics

Predictive analytics

Prescriptive analytics

Diagnostic analytics

What we offer

At New TridentPeak, we believe in personalized solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of both our clients and us. We understand that each partnership is distinct, so we customize every New  TridentPeak agreement accordingly. Our priority is to foster client relationships built on individualized solutions rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. We have two solutions to address your HR requirements and concerns. 

Project fees : In our experience, projects with clear goals, specific tasks, and a set timeframe work well with a fixed fee structure. This approach is often suitable for one-time projects with a defined start and end date.

Retainer Fees:  When you opt for a retainer agreement, you are not just getting our services; you are gaining a trusted partner who is committed to understanding what’s effective in your business and where improvements can be made. This ongoing relationship with New TridentPeak involves monthly billing and a focus on achieving your goals through a series of planned deliverables. While we start with meeting your immediate needs, our approach remains adaptable to accommodate any changes or additional requirements along the way. These agreements typically last six months to a year.